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Arteriograph: using pulse wave analysis in the COVID-19 pandemic

Interview with Professor Dr Martin Middeke: Specialist for internal medicine with 30 years of experience in hypertension research and head of the Hypertension Centre Munich (Excellence Centre of the European Society of Hypertension)

Which patient groups do you primarily focus on for the Arteriograph measurement?

For more than 10 years I have been measuring all my patients with Arteriograph to determine their individual form of hypertension. This is particularly important for characterising juvenile isolated hypertension in younger individuals as well as demasking arterial vascular stiffness or arteriosclerosis in elderly people with normal brachial blood pressure, but elevated aortic blood pressure. This is referred to as masked aortic hypertension, because conventional measurement alone does not detect this phenomenon – only the pulse wave analysis leads to demasking. For these two groups, the measurement with Arteriograph is indispensable for correct diagnosis and for the right therapy decision.

Regardless of the blood pressure situation, the biological age of the vessels can be determined in all patients by measuring the pulse wave velocity, which is in accordance with the guiding principle of the English physician Thomas Sydenham: ‘A man is as old as his arteries’.

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